It has been a lifelong education based around the concepts of respect for self, others and the environment, that has recently stepped up a gear from the formal teaching setting in a school as a teacher, to creator of a positive and sustainable business, with the very best of intentions and good will.

In Thailand recently I was rejuvenated by the friendly, cheerful, intelligent people I encountered, who were in more ways than one poorer and richer than I.

It was during the visit that I realised it was time to do more, hence my vision was born!

Citrus Splash located on the stunning Mornington
Peninsula is a bright, fresh and exciting new business
that is growing from the ground up, drop by drop,
little by little and fundamentally founded on the
concept of "Growing Sustainably Together".

At the very heart of this business venture is a global
view to support environment, social and economic
development, in a way that values all things natural.



•   Candles - Standard Originals range

•   Unique Originals range -  current stock

•   Positive Beadwork in conjunction with
     our unique candles.

Citrus Splash
aspires to invigorate the senses of those the world over, to appreciate every unique moment in life, whilst in pursuit of improving the lives of others less fortunate.


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